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Pulseroll: All You Need To Know About Percussive Therapy

Pulseroll: All You Need To Know About Percussive Therapy

If you’ve been on social media over the last few years watching fitness videos and following workouts, you will have definitely noticed an explosion of hand-held massage gun products intended to aid people in recovery from their day-to-day activity.

That might be intense fitness training, HIIT workouts at home or just the everyday stress and stiffness of working a 9 to 5 or in recent times working from home.

Recovery as a category is one of the most overlooked practices that contribute to a happy and healthy life, both physically and mentally and even at the elite athlete performance level.

Post-exercise muscle soreness is enough to get anybody down. When you’ve given it your all, the last thing you want to do is pay the price for it in aches and pains or (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - DOMS). While massage therapy is one route you can go down, there is another option - percussive therapy.

In this buying guide, we will take a look at the Pulseroll products and what you need to know about percussive therapy. 

What is Percussive Therapy?

Similar to massage therapy, percussive therapy uses vibrations to decrease tension deep within the muscle tissue. The process uses a scientifically-calibrated combination of speed and depth to ease pain and relax your muscles. It also overrides any pain signals sent to your brain, which means that you don’t experience the soreness related to exercise. 

Percussive Therapy is effective thanks to a combination of factors. Each device offers depth to treat muscle tension, speed of up 2400 percussion per minute and no stalling. All of the above means that the therapy is more comfortable than traditional massage. You can use the massage guns on a variety of areas to offer relief. 

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Pulseroll massage gun being used on female back

The excellent thing about using a massage gun is that it’s completely natural. Percussive therapy is a holistic alternative  to using painkillers or medication. Instead, the Pulseroll uses vibrations to ease the soreness of your muscles and provide you fast relief. 

What’s more, there’s evidence to support the notion that these massagers can provide relief. One study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research suggests that using vibration or percussive therapy can prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

Why does the Pulseroll Massage Gun work?

One of the questions that comes up time and time again is why massage guns work. The vibrations increase blood flow, decrease lactic acid, hydrate muscle tissue and improve your range of motion. All of the above means that using a Pulseroll can help to relieve muscle soreness and pain caused by exercise. Over the years, Pulseroll has worked hard to adapt and develop the system so that it is the most advanced of its type. 


Before you rush off to get one, there’s likely one thing on your mind. Why is a Massage gun so expensive? It’s no small investment. However, there’s a good reason that these products carry a high price tag. 

Are they worth the money?

Pulseroll products are backed by more than 10 years’ development and research. These devices allow you to boost your wellness and take care of your physical health in a natural way. When you have chosen the right Pulseroll product for you, you will find that you can ease muscular pain in the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to book regular massage appointments or use medication. 

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